Safe Employer Award Program

It is the belief of the Safety Association of Rhode Island (SARI) that maintaining a safe workplace is the moral and ethical responsibility of every employer, and, that employees are morally and ethically responsible to work in the best interest of their employer.

SARI has developed this award program to provide recognition to employers that have made a measurable effort to establish and promote effective safety and health programs and practices within their workplaces.

To be eligible for this award, organizations must be represented in the membership of SARI, and must submit a completed award program application. The application includes relevant company information on injury and illness statistics, safety and health activities, and a narrative statement from executive management.

The Safety Association of Rhode Island (SARI) will recognize employers who demonstrate a continuing commitment to effective safety and health management for their employees. This award program is ongoing.

The SARI Safe Employer Award Committee, made up of members of SARI's Board of Directors will evaluate all applications, to determine eligibility for recognition as a Safe Employer.

Employers who are determined to have met the judging criteria will receive a plaque at the Annual Meeting in May.

Any member of the Association may apply for this award on behalf of his/her employer.

Information provided will be held in the strictest confidence, and used solely by the SARI Board of Directors in determining an employers' eligibility to receive a Safe Employer Award.

To apply for a Safe Employer Award please complete the Safe Employer Award Program Application and forward it to:

Safety Association of Rhode Island,
Safety Award Program, P.O. Box 6606,
Providence, RI 02940-6606